“Once you learn to read you will be forever free.”
– Fredrick Douglass

Daily Lesson Plan

Tutoring for  Students with Dyslexia and Reading Difficulties

The program I use is Basic Language Skills (Orton Gillingham).  It is a systematic, sequential, intensive comprehensive literacy curriculum for use with students who are dyslexic or reading-disabled. It consist of a rotation of activities that develop the necessary skills for reading, spelling and writing. Each class meets four days a week for one hour each day.  The following are included in the program:

Alphabet/ Phonologic al Awareness Activities – This includes alphabet activities and activities such as counting sounds in a word, omitting sounds, rhyming, etc.

Handwriting (cursive) – This activity is designed to increase fluidity  in writing.

Reading of sounds – the initial reading deck allows students to automate sound and symbol correspondences and knowledge of word parts.

Spelling Deck – A sound is dictated, students repeat the sound and give the corresponding letter or letters that go with that sound.

Concept Introduction -  Concepts include new letters, suffixes, syllables, syllable division, prefixes, etc.

Reading Practice -  Word lists or sentences provide focused practice of newly introduced and previously introduced reading concepts.

Spelling Practice – New spelling concepts and previously introduced spelling concepts.  As students progress dictation will become part of the spelling process.              

Oral Language -  This activity develops  the foundational skills of comprehension, oral language, and world knowledge.

Writing – Includes grammar, simple/complex sentences and paragraphs.

Read Aloud – Teacher reads aloud  narrative or expository text that is of interest to students.  Questions  are asked of the students during and after reading.


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