“Teaching reading is rocket science.”
– Louisa Moats


I get so excited when I am teaching a child and you look at them and you see the light go on in their eyes.  They Get IT!! After 16 years of teaching this program, I am just as enthusiastic about it now as I was the first day I was introduced to it.  Personally, I have become a better speller and reader because of this program. 

Bring your child to me and I will teach her/him to read.

My qualifications are as follows:  Certified Academic Language Therapist,  Masters In Reading, Licensed Special Education Teacher, K – 12 (Texas). I conducted IEP meetings for two schools.  I was Conroe Independent School District’s first special education teacher to perform this task. Because of this, the district now has many special education teachers performing this duty.

I learned more from Neuhaus Education Center as to how to teach children to read than I did going to college to get my Masters degree.

Let me tell you a little about the instruction at Neuhaus Educational Center.  Please feel free to go on-line http://www.neuhaus.org and read about all the wonderful things they offer.  I had to have a 700 –hour practicum in a course accredited by the International Multisensory Structure Language Education Council (IMSLEC), 200 instructional hours, clinical/teaching documentation, proof of my progress and competency, plus many other requirements before I could even take my exam and finally hold the title of Certified Academic Language Therapist.

To remain a member in good standing, I must continue my education and document it through ALTA, Academic Language Therapist Association. Please be aware that a lot of people have been trained at Neuhaus but have not completed their program to become certified.  I had to take a national exam to become certified after completing all the required requirements to become a CALT (Certified Academic Language Therapist).  In order to remain a CALT, I must have continuing education.

Please go on line and check out ALTA, Academic Language Therapist Association.


Elizabeth Hendrix • 347-882-1074 • eahendrixnyc@gmail.com