“Many things we need can wait . The child cannot.”
– Gabriela Mistral


“ She is a Certified Academic Language Therapist, a special education certified teacher, and was the staff developer for our entire district (over 40,000 students) for reading and literacy programs. I have seen her small group tutorial classes and am astounded by the progress these students make over time. The confidence and gains her students make are incredible.”

– Elizabeth S. Masters in Reading and Language Arts/Colleague

“You class takes such intensive direct teaching from you who seem tireless. Thank you for your efforts.”

– Jane S. Assistant Principle at Wilkerson Intermediate School/Colleague

“I was unsure that anyone could teach my son to read. After 5 years in the school system with no results, Elizabeth taught my son to read. Matthew was on a 1st grade reading level when he came to Elizabeth in the 4th grade. After 2 years, he was reading on level. Thank you.”

– Diane E. Parent of former student

“Elizabeth Hendrix was our son’s dyslexic tutor from 2006 to 2009. She came highly recommended by the Neuhaus Education Center in Houston, Texas. She is one in 800 Certified Academic Language Therapists in the US because they (ALTA) require the most education to become certified plus they are also required to have at least 30 hours of continuing education every 2 years. Elizabeth is very successful with her students completing the Basic Language program. Her students conquer reading on level and pass the state required tests. Dyslexic children can be taught to learn anything. Elizabeth’s willingness to accept responsibility for these children is amazing.”

- Vicky F. Parent of former student


Elizabeth Hendrix • 347-882-1074 • eahendrixnyc@gmail.com