Dyslexia is a learning disability, but it doesn't mean that your child cannot learn to read on their grade level.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1) Will my child ever be able to read on grade level?
Answer 1) Yes, with the Neuhaus Basic Language Skills (BLS) program your child will be able to read on grade level after completion of my course.

Question 2) What differentiates the BLS program from any other teaching method?
Answer 2) The BLS program incorporates all necessary concepts to teach a dyslexic and reading disabled child to read, spell, and write. Most dyslexic teaching methods start with the Orton/Gillingham theory, but the BLS program goes beyond theory and teaches practical application. After completing this program, children will have the tools needed to read, spell, and write throughout their lifetime.

Question 3) Does my child have to be labeled dyslexic to benefit from the BLS program?
Answer 3) No. Children who have gaps in their education benefit greatly and usually at a much faster pace. Also, children with English as their second language make great strides in the BLS program.

Question 4) How will I know if my child is progressing as they should be in the BLS program?
Answer 4) You will receive 9 progress reports for your child during the BLS program. These progress reports are referred to as Mastery checks. These Mastery checks allow me to tailor the BLS program to your child’s reading, spelling, and writing level.

Question 5) What is the age range of students in the BLS program?
Answer 5) Dyslexia and reading disabled can be identified as early as kindergarten. Most of my students have generally been between the ages of 4 to14.

Question 6) After my child completes the program, will he/she be cured of being dyslexic?
Answer 6) No. If your child is dyslexic they will always be that way. Do not be discouraged. After completing the BLS program he/she will be able to read, write, and spell on grade level. The dyslexic child cannot be cured, though they can be armed with the knowledge to overcome their dyslexia.


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