“Once you learn to read you will be forever free.”
– Fredrick Douglass


This is an overview of the Neuhaus Educational Center Program, called Basic Lanugage Skills, which is used to instruct dyslexia and/or reading disabled students.

Basic Language Skills, Book One:

Introduces and develops the foundation for decoding and comprehension.  It also introduces patterns and rules for spelling.  It addresses phonemic awareness, letter recognition, the alphabetic principle, and the six syllable types; reading and spelling practices, oral language and listening comprehension; grammar and sentence writing. 

Basic Language Skills, Book Two:

Is designed to automate students reading and writing skills through the introduction of additional information and through a variety of sustained practices. It addresses sound symbol correspondences and syllable division patterns; prefixes, suffixes, roots and combining forms; reading and spelling practices; rules and sentence dictation; analyzing spelling words; fluency and metacognitive strategies; grammar and paragraph writing. 

Basic Language Skills Book  Three:

Is designed to promote students’  independence in reading and writing.  It addresses sound symbol correspondences, word origins and morphology; reading and spelling patterns; sentence dictation and analyzing spelling words; fluency, connected text reading practice, and metacognitive strategies; grammar and written composition.


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