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What Does It Mean to be Neuhaus-Trained?

Neuhaus-trained refers to dyslexia specialists who have completed Neuhaus Education Center's Dyslexia Specialist Preparation Program (DSPP). Each year about 25 - 30 teachers enter the three-year program to become a Neuhaus-trained dyslexia specialist. Most of these dyslexia specialists work with students in the school setting, but a few of them work with private students. This training qualifies an individual to teach the Basic Language Skills curriculum to students who need it. The program involves 200 classroom hours and 700 hours with students. It is to these experts that referrals are made for students who need to be taught literacy skills using the BLS curriculum.

About 5,000 teachers a year come to Neuhaus Education Center. The Center offers a variety of classes to classroom teachers who want to develop their skills in teaching reading, writing, and spelling. Some teachers take one 3-hour class and others complete many classes, but do not enroll in the DSPP. These teachers have training in certain Neuhaus curricula, but are not Neuhaus-trained dyslexia specialists.





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