“Teaching reading is rocket science.”
– Louisa Moats

What is a Certified Academic Therapist?

How to Find and Select an Academic Language Therapist

What is an academic language therapist?

Academic language therapists (sometimes called an educational therapist or certified academic language therapist) are specialists specially trained to work with students with dyslexia or reading disability.  They have completed extensive accredited training in multisensory structured language teaching.  They are trained in the structure of the English language and how to teach that structure in a multisensory manner.  They are trained to remediate problems in reading, spelling, and written language.  Not all students need academic therapy; some just need tutoring for help with a particular subject.

What is the difference between tutoring and academic therapy?

Tutoring is a support service that assists the student in specific areas with which he or she may be having difficulty as far as a subject or curriculum is concerned. Tutoring supports the student in meeting basic study skills. It involves instruction in subject content and/or in the total curriculum by a private instructor who works with the individual student or in a small group.  The focus generally is directed toward completing a curriculum or a specific area of work.

Academic therapy with a Certified Academic Language Therapist is an intensive remedial approach that starts the dyslexic or reading disabled student with the basics and rebuilds the learning continuum step-by-step.  Usually therapy starts from the beginning of Book One so that no gaps are left in the student’s grasp of and facility with processing information in reading, spelling, and writing. Sometimes a therapist will decide the student does not have to start at the beginning if the student is older and/or more advanced. Since the program is  always reviewing previous concepts, the student is exposed to missed items.  This would be decided by the trained therapist.  Classes are composed of no more than 3 students, with no more than 6 months difference in academic ability, and no more than 2 years difference in ages.  In a group setting, students are able to participate in more fun activities and learn from one another.  Private therapy is also available.

How long does the academic therapy take and what can I expect?

How long it takes to complete the program depends on the severity of the problem and the frequency of the sessions.  Success is not always immediately measureable.  Remember, academic therapy is a process, not a product

How to Find a Certified Academic Language Therapist

It is not easy.  There are only about 1500 of us across the country.  Unfortunately, many people take only a few classes and hang out their shingle stating they are TRAINED to teach dyslexic or reading disabled students.  You have to do your homework, check them out at Academic Language Therapy Association http://www.altaread.org or your local IDA Branch ( International Dyslexia Association). 





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